Who will you become at night?

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    Post by Kael Deamon on Sat May 04, 2013 10:20 pm

    How it all started..

    Do you believe in heaven?...what about hell? Do you believe that a city could deteriorate and fall in massive chaos in just weeks?
    Corruption. Thats the only word that can describe this empire and its people. Its such a shame how such a popular city could become this way. No matter what they do, Humans cant change anything by themselves. they are weak. they have always needed a force to be with them. Why do you think people go to church or become mediums? Becouse humans, since the beginning of time, are curious creatures that need to know what they cant handle.

    There has always been a good side, and a bad side. In the bible, in the movies, in the cartoons, in video games, there is always a villain..and a hero. But we dont have one in this story..becouse even the good, can become evil itself. And evil, can change its ways to good.


    "You have to become one of them. be one of them..feel what they feel in order for us to make our move. Thats your mission"
    Both kings, The king of the Angels, Michael and the King of the underworld, Hades stood infront of their chosen one. The lucky one who would control their whole army. The angel and the demon who's mission is to conquer it all. "Yes sir" they both replied, and bowed. "Now go..take your army, and conquer the most powerful empire in the human world"-Those where the words that started it all. The angel and the Demon prepared for their battle, their mission that would take years..decades..but why would it take so long if its just a SINGLE city? Becouse they will be facing their most powerful enemy in a bloodthrusty battle. Thats right, Green Falls is not only a city, but their battle field.


    "We..." the angel turned to face her army, staring at the million determined eyes that stood tall and fearless "...WILL save them. Its our goal! thats what we were made for! To bring peace and salvation to their souls. We, Are the Rescuers!"

    The Demon turned around, his mouth tugged into a smile as he stared at the gates of the underworld. The door that lead to their goal. His fingers wrapped around the handles of his swords, looking at the million hungry and powerful red eyes that shone with the fire and darkness that surrounded them. "We will kill!! We will wipe out the weak and stand strong! We won't give mercy becouse we are the Destroyers of the human race!"

    Their armies roared and cheered, making their leaders feel powerful and strong. But, they never had a clue of the little surprise that awaited them.

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