Who will you become at night?

    Basic rules


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    Basic rules Empty Basic rules

    Post by MrZ on Sun May 05, 2013 12:07 am

    1.Your avatar should be a picture of your Green falls' character. it doesn't matter if its the night or day form.

    2. The forum will automatically re-size your image if it's too big.

    1. You cannot know what the other person is thinking (unless he/she tells you)

    2. You cannot decide what the other person is going to do.

    3.curse words are allowed since this is a +16 group/forum site.

    4.Don't double post please! make sure to include everything you want to add in your reply/post. If you forgot to add something, remember there is an EDIT button.

    1. Please,watch your spelling. I doesn't have to be 100% perfect, but if you aren't sure how something is spelled, there is always Google.

    2. You are free to post a new RP topic in any of the areas. Just please, dont start like 5 Rps and never finish them.

    3. Once you have finished an RP, please add [Closed] or [Finished] next to the tittle of the topic.

    You're allowed to have two characters in the RP. It does not matter if both of them are rescuers or destroyers.
    NOTE: You are allowed to create another character, ONLY if one of your previous two is killed

    Remember USER and CHARACTER doesn't mean the same thing. We all are real people behind fictional characters. It's strictly forbidden to insult users.

    FIGHTS (killing)
    Remember, You are allowed to kill your character during any point of the RP, but you have to fulfill some requirements before that:
    - If you are planning of killing another person's character or another character is planning to kill yours, you will first have to consult them about it, and send a note to the Deviantart group with the details.

    AGE [+16]
    We suggest that you be 16 years of age, or older, to join this RP. This forum was not intended for children. Group and RP contains violence, bad language, homosexuality, and on some occasion, sexual content. If you are under 16 but can take those things, then you are fine. but you were warned.

    2.If your RPs have any sexual content in them, please add a [SX] in front of the title.

    Whether in the form of regular posts or OOC, this is not tolerated. Please keep in mind that countless OOC (Out of Character) messages will result in punishment. If you have something you need to discuss to that extent, then please, take it to the PMs. The definition of spamming is also applied to posting in another persons RP thread with no intent of joining/without being a member. Please, if you notice something wrong, alert the moderators instead of posting in the thread yourselves.


    In this forum, you will be able to socialize OOC as well. There is a chat at the bottom of the front page in the forum that you are free to use during any visit. Also, We have an OOC Tag on the front page under "Hidden Places" Where you are free to post anything you'll like. You can start a discussion or even crack RPs with other characters! Post pictures or share any news! Just remember to follow the rules above.

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    Technical Adviser
    Please let me know if you have any questions.

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